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Paediatric Services


Comprehensive Assessment

Our assessments are either formal or informal depending on the needs of the individual client. The assessment will be tailiored to meet the child's needs, utilising a range of assessment tools. A referral is not required, and assessments can be booked directly with us. Assessments include:

  • 1.5 hour assessment session.

  • Report with finidings and recommendations

  • Referral to additional appropriate services

  • Liasing with GP/specialist

  • Integration of school/pre-school needs


Sensory Processing

Sensory Processing relates to a child's ability to understand and manage the information received by their senses. Children often have difficulty appropriately processing this information, which can lead to sensory sensitivity and/or sensory seeking behaviours. If a child is having difficulty in this area, it can significantly affect their learning and development. We provide tailored interventions including:

  • Sensory diets/programs

  • Sensory Processing assessment

  • Implementation of school-based programs

  • Prescription of sensory products


Self-care Skills

  • Toileting

  • Feeding

  • Dressing

  • Grooming


Motor Skill Development

  • Fine Motor skills (e.g. Handwriting, cutting, using two hands together, co-ordination)

  • Gross Motor Skills (e.g. running, jumping, co-ordinating movements)


School Readiness & Developmental screens

We provide OT screens to help identify children who are having difficulties in developmental areas, or to assess areas of development for children to work on before commencing school. 

  • Assessment days can be booked by pre-schools, schools, or childcare centres.

  • Individual screens can be booked by parents or caregivers




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