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Quality Care
Client Centred

At ED|OT we understand the need for consistent and quality Occupational Therapy. We are committed to providing first class services to our clients. Having a small caseload ensures that we have adequate time to complete required intervention plans, reports, letters, recommendations, parent information and resources, equipment orders, modification reports, telephone calls, emails....and more! You can be sure that we will spend as much time as needed to achieve the best therapy results. 


We also understand the need for ongoing training and professional development. Courses and training are regularly understaken to make sure we are up to date with the latest research and practices. 

Occupational Therapy isn't cheap, and we know the financial strain that many individuals and families are under. For this reason we do our best to remove out of pocket costs wherever possible. we do this by using a range of funding options through NDIS, Medicare, department of veterans affairs, and private health funds. 



with any applicable referral


Please get in contact if you need further information or support regarding finances or funding options. We are more than happy to discuss your eligibility. 



​Our clients and their family are always at the forefront of our therapy. Occupational Therapy focuses on helping individuals to do what they want and need to do.


Clients, parents, carers, and family members are involved throughout the assessment and therapy process. We will ask you to help us set goals based on your needs and priorities.


At ED|OT your voice will be heard!


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