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What is OT??

Not everybody has heard of OT. Those who have heard of OT often don't actually know what it is. Here is a summary:


OT = Occupational Therapy


Occupations = Everything we do! From play to sleep to work. 


What we do:

  • Talk to people to find out what it is they want to be able to do - and what their goals are.

  • Assess people to figure out what is stopping them from doing these things.

  • Work with people to overcome barriers and get them living life the way THEY want! We mostly do this by:

  1. Improving their abilities

  2. Changing their environment

  3. changing the task/activity


Example 1: Nicole is 6 years old. She finds it difficult to play with her friends due to having reduced gross motor skills as a result of Cerebral Palsy. Her main goal is to be able to play soccer with kids her own age. Her OT works with her to develop her gross motor skills, but also links her up with a local soccer program for children with disabilities.


Example 2: John is 93 years old. He has had a number of falls but wants to keep living in his own home. John's main goal is to be able to have a shower and get dressed by himself. His OT completes a full home assessment and recommends the installation of grab rails, as well as some other minor home modifications. Items of equipment are prescribed such as a shower chair. John's OT also develops an exercise program with him to help improve his strength and balance. 


What we don't do:

  • Find jobs for people



Here is a fancy picture that shows the things that an OT assesses and thinks about with each client















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